Little Feet, Big Goals: MSI Kindergarten Kickstart League – Where Soccer Adventures Begin!

Welcome to the MSI Kindergarten Kickstart League, dedicated to providing both players and parents with a weekend event that they eagerly anticipate. We want to make sure that each child develops as a player and a person, learning individual and team skills through a carefully curated curriculum. Our coaches, who specialize in kindergarten, are in charge of the skill-development activities. Meanwhile, parents can enjoy a supportive and inclusive community atmosphere where they can bond with other families, cheer on their little ones, and create cherished memories together, making every weekend match an event to remember.

The highlight of the festival is the “Big Soccer” games, featuring two field players and one goalkeeper per team. This format ensures that every participant is actively involved in the game, receiving plenty of touches on the ball and making their own decisions. The coaches are committed to creating an inclusive and enjoyable atmosphere where each player has the opportunity to score goals and leave the field with a sense of accomplishment and joy.

It’s not just a day of soccer; it’s a community event where families can come together, cheer on their little athletes, and forge lasting connections with family and friends.

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