Classic Format & Philosophy of Play


MSI Classic offers a competitive level of play for players in age groups U9 through U19.  It is both a “select” program, in which players must try out and be selected for teams, and a “house league”, with all teams, players and coaches participating as “members” of the MSI organization. The Classic League embraces and promotes the same values and principles as other MSI programs – each child’s enjoyment, skill development, personal growth, passion for the game, team experience and sportsmanship. MSI Classic teams are deemed to be organized by and for the benefit of the youth players that make up each team.  

Age GroupFormatRoster MaximumSecondary Carded MaximumGame Length
U97v7 + Build-out lines13 players3 players, 4 non-Classic Assessed players allowed 2×25″
U107v7 + Build-out lines13 players3 players, 4 non-Classic Assessed players allowed2×30″
U119v916 players4 players2×30″
U129v916 players4 players2×30″
U1311v1118 players5 players2×35″
U1411v1118 players5 players2×35″
U1511v1121 players5 players2×40″
U16 +11v1126 players*6 players2×40″
*21 is the maximum number of players allowed to be included on a team’s game day roster.