Classic League FAQ

How Can My Child Play on a Classic Team?

A player cannot directly register for a Classic team through MSI registration systems. Classic teams run autonomously and hold their own tryouts and choose their own roster. Each team is also in charge of their own finances so any registration fees paid directly to MSI cannot be applied to any individual’s dues on a Classic team. Once a Classic team is registered, the team coach or manager will need to log in to their LeagueApps dashboard and use the invite player link to add players to the team. It is the responsibility of the team coach or manager to invite players to their team and build the roster. The parent of the invited player will receive an invitation from the team with a link to connect them directly to the team’s roster. A parent or guardian will need to upload a headshot of the player (full face, no hat or sunglasses, no other people in the photo) and also proof of age (passport or birth certificate) in order for the player to be verified (“carded”) and officially allowed to play on the team. After February 28 or August 1, depending on the season, anyone registered in Rec and Classic will be removed from the Classic team and will remain with their Rec team for the upcoming season.

How do I Choose a Classic Team?

Click on the tryout pages, reach out to all the teams listed, and interview them as much as they try out your child. All teams are different, so find out where they practice, when they practice, what is their team’s structure (all volunteers? paid coach? Established club?) how a new player would fit in and what is the cost to join. Go to 2-3 tryouts /practices to find the right fit for you and your child.

MSI’s registration system will allow players to register as ‘free agents’ – individuals that want to play in Classic but don’t have a team. If you register as a free agent, your contact information will be sent to teams of the appropriate age group that are looking for new players.

Can I Start a Team in the Classic League?

Yes! If you already have players, register your team in the Classic League, and then you can invite your players to join. You must register for the age group of the oldest player on your team. If you are a U9 or U10 team, your players need to attend a Player Assessment Session.

If your players are registered for Rec, they need to request a transfer to Classic before the transfer deadline (August 1 or March 1, depending on the season).

What Are Player Assessments?  

MSI conducts Player Assessment sessions to evaluate players wishing to play on any teams in the Classic League, to determine if this is the best level of play for that individual. These are required for all potential U9 and U10 players and are also available to players in older age groups. Click here for more information.

Can My Child Play on a Different Aged Team From the Age Group They Were Assessed?

Yes. Once assessed at the Classic level at a Player Assessment, that player is eligible to play in the Classic League. You may play at your age group or one year older. If a player wishes to play for a team 2 years up, you and the team coach must complete the Exemption to Play Up Two Years form.

How do I Get Players for My Classic Team?

If you are looking for more players to join your classic team, you can post tryout notices on the MSI Classic Website. Email with your team name, age group, gender, area of practice, coach or manager’s name, and email address. We also recommend talking to your local school PTA and existing players to help reach out to friends or schoolmates to recruit.

MSI’s registration system will also have an option for ‘free agents’ to register – individuals that want to play in Classic but don’t have a team. These names will be sent to teams in the appropriate age group that are looking for new players. 

For new teams of all age groups, there is a $300 non-refundable fee to post try-out information, which will be credited toward your next season’s Registration Fee.

Can Players Play on More Than One Team?

Each Classic team may have “secondary” players who are also registered to another Classic team in a different age group, or to a travel team. Classic players (or players in any other “select” league) may not play in the MSI Recreational program.

How Many Secondary Players can play on a Classic Team?

The exact number of players per roster that also play on another team depends on the age and roster size. Click here to see the maximum number of secondary players allowed.

How Can I Become a Classic Coach?

MSI requires all Classic coaches to have completed at least one in-person module of the US Soccer Grassroots coaching license. Coaches will have a one-season grace period to acquire their license. MSI will host these courses throughout the year. Click here to find out the next available coaching course.

All coaches and adults rostered to the Classic team must have completed the MSYSA required training, which needs to be completed every year after July 1. Occasionally, Classic teams are looking for coaches. If you are interested in coaching a Classic team, please email  with your qualifications and experience.

How Do I Determine My Child’s Age Group?

MSI Classic team’s age groups are based upon the US Soccer guidelines of birth year being the deciding factor for the age group, with an important caveat:  MSI decided to allow a maximum 6-month birth date allowance to facilitate most “same-grade” players to continue playing with their classmates.

The 6-month extended age allowance is the maximum that will be considered, as it already means that some players will be 18 months older than the youngest players in the age group.

Players U9 and older may play in the age group one year older than their “true” age group. No one younger than Up may play in the Classic League. Players who wish to play two years up must submit a Request for Exemption to Play Up Two Years. Players may not play “down” in a younger age group. No exceptions are made to this rule.

When Does the Season Start and End?

The spring season typically begins the first weekend in April and the fall season typically begins the first weekend after Labor Day. The season typically runs for eight weeks. No games are played on Memorial Day weekend and MCPS holidays may alter this schedule in any given year.

When are Schedules Posted?

Schedules are posted approximately two weeks prior to the opening weekend of play.

Are Games Played on Sundays?

Yes. All teams should expect to play half of their games on Sundays and half on Saturdays, usually one game per weekend. Occasionally and in case of rainouts, teams will be required to play two games a weekend. U9-U12 teams will get to play “Friday Night Lights” with games on Friday evenings at Julius West Middle School.

Will I Get a Uniform From MSI?

MSI does not provide uniforms for Classic players but does facilitate the ordering process through an ordering program setup with Rockville Soccer.  Classic teams purchase uniforms for their players directly from Rockville Soccer and should contact them to order (301.309.6902). They are located at 837 F Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD, and also have stores in NW Washington, DC, Northern Virginia, and Frederick, MD.

Rockville Soccer has several tiers of uniform options to accommodate the team’s budgets. Uniforms are required to have the MSI Classic logo, numbers on the back, and no sponsor logos.

Where is My Practice Field and How Many Practices Will I Have?

Weekly practice times and locations are arranged by the coach of the Classic team. Families are expected to be flexible with their schedules once the team’s practice and game schedules are announced.

How Do I Apply for Financial Aid?

To apply for financial aid, players must submit their FARMS (Montgomery County Public Schools Free and Reduced Meals) voucher to the manager of their team who will, in turn, submit the request to MSI. Submissions must be made by the first month of the season and AFTER the team has registered and paid their team fee.

The check is made payable to the player but sent to the team. The team is required to have the player endorse the check over to the team.  Please note that “organizations” who already receive grant funding or support from governmental bodies or other funding sources may not “also” apply for financial assistance from MSI.

How Do I Report a Problem at My Game?

All reports MUST be submitted via email to the MSI office within 48 hours of the game. We cannot investigate your concerns unless they are received in writing within a reasonable time frame. MSI will direct all appropriate concerns to our Policy, Rules, and Discipline Committee (PRDC) which will investigate the report and take appropriate action. Games are routinely monitored by Board or Staff members when the behavior of a team or team official is in question.

How Will I Know if Games Are Canceled?

In the event of a league-wide cancellation due to inclement weather, MSI will make a decision to cancel all games before 7:30 am, when possible. Cancellation of games must be coordinated with the School and Park permitting agencies, as well as with the Maryland SoccerPlex, and decisions are not made hastily.

If games are canceled league-wide, a notification will be placed on the MSI website. Once games are canceled for the entire day, league-wide, it is impossible to reverse the decision for games later in the day.

If weather deteriorates during the day, or specific fields are unplayable, games may be canceled on a field-by-field basis. Teams will be notified when possible, and cancellations will be posted on the MSI website as they are reported. Once games have started, referees are instructed to use common sense and suspend play if dangerous conditions exist.

Referees and coaches are asked to contact the MSI office if their field is deemed unplayable by the referee, so that a notice may be posted on the website. Players are encouraged to check the website before leaving home for their game when conditions are questionable.

A game is considered complete if it has been played through the first half before being terminated by the referee.

Where Can I Find More Detailed Information on MSI Policies and Rules?

Program manuals for the Recreational and Classic Programs, as well as a link to the FIFA Laws of the Game, are available on the MSI website.


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