Classic League Sportsmanship Standings

Sportsmanship standings are based on referee feedback in 3 categories – spectators, coaches and players. After every game, referees rate teams from 0-4 with 0 signifying unacceptable behavior and 4 signifying excellent behavior. Multiple ratings of ‘0’ or ‘1’ will result in points deduction and potentially coach suspension. Those with maximum ratings will be recognized by MSI.

For Spring 2023, congratulations to the following teams for getting 100% sportsmanship points:

BU10 – Forza
BU10 – Golden Boys
BU10 – FC Rangers
GU10 – Bethesda Panthers
BU11 – Bulldogs
BU11 – Silver Bandits
GU11 – Golden Girls
BU12 – Raptors
GU13 – Storm
GU13 – Bethesda Cheetahs

The final sportsmanship standings for the Spring season are posted here:

Boys Sportsmanship Standings

Girls Sportsmanship Standings