Classic Registrars

Registrars are your go-to contact for anything player registration related. They will be the ones that will check that every invited player has uploaded appropriate documents and photos and will then activate your team – allowing you to print your official team roster from the system. Should they find something needing correction, they will be in contact with the team manager or coach to request corrections. Registrars do not make decisions regarding roster sizes, age groups, or other policy related questions. Questions on those matters should be sent to the MSI Classic Program Manager. All other player related questions – additions, removals (with the appropriate form), and transfers are handled by the registrars.

U10  Dan Reichmann

U11  Dan Reichmann

U12  Susan Bock

U13  Susan Bock

U14  Susan Bock

U15  Susan Bock

U16  Dan Reichmann

U19  Dan Reichmann

Brit-Am  Susan Bock

Juventus  Dan Reichmann

Mousquetaires  Dan Reichmann

MDFusion Dan Reichmann

TOCA   Dan Reichmann