Coach-Mentor Training


MSI encourages all of our coaches to become certified Coach-Mentors via the US Soccer Foundation.

Through Coach-Mentor training, you will learn:

  • How to be a mentor and a coach
  • How to create and embed a team code and culture that is consistently reinforced throughout the season
  • How to make, strengthen, and sustain connections with your team
  • How to manage behaviors with empathy
  • How to develop and harness the social and emotional skills of young people

Complete the following steps to take the online course for FREE and become a Coach-Mentor:

  1. Register for the Coach-Mentor Training Resource Hub by clicking this link.
  2. For “Name of Organization,” enter the code: MSI
  3. Go to the email you registered with and finish Resource Hub registration.
  4. Click on link in the email to access the Hub.
  5. Click on the “Training” button that appears on the front page when entering the Hub.
  6. Complete the training!

The full training takes approximately 1 hour. The training is asynchronous, and you can start, stop, and pick back up where you left off at any time. Use the link you received via email to access the hub again in the future. The last step of the training is to complete the post-training evaluation. Once you submit the evaluation, you will get a Certificate of Completion to your email address you used to register. There are downloadable resources and additional trainings linked in the training that you can access free of charge.

We hope that you will become a Coach-Mentor as part of your coaching journey! Thank you for helping MSI provide incredible soccer experiences for our community.