Coaching Forms

Please review the following information on how to acquire practice permits and submit scheduling requests. This information will be updated with new deadlines, ahead of each season.

General Forms

Practice Permits: Assigned Practice Permits, Spring 2022

  • All Recreational League teams may request one Practice Permit at no cost, and may request a second Practice Permit at a subsidized cost of $33 (pending availability).
  • For Fall 2022, the deadline for ALL permit requests (first and second) is 11:59 PM, Monday, August 8, 2022.
  • Any permit requests after August 8th will be considered “late” and will be processed after the “on-time” requests.


  • If you coach more than one team, you must complete the request process for your first team, then log back in to the system to complete the request process for those additional teams you coach.
  • All requests must indicate three DIFFERENT choices.
  • Second permit requests will be processed after all first permit requests have been addressed.
  • Emailed requests will not be accepted; all requests must be submitted through the on-line process.
  • Please note that these permits are in effect beginning September 6 and typically run through November 4.


  • We understand that many teams would like to have consistency from season to season in their practice days, times, and locations.  However, MSI does not receive exactly the same set of permits from one season to the next, and often times the day, time, and field that you had one season is not available for the next season or the next year.
  • Please note that the County has a weather hotline information number (301.579.5610) and a website ( which MUST be checked in the event of inclement weather or wet fields on a given day. It is your team’s responsibility to check to determine if the field has been closed. Please check the weather hotline number or Parks website for the status of PRACTICE FIELDS ONLY. As in the past, the MSI website will be the final determinant of the status of games scheduled for weekend play.

Scheduling Requests

MSI will work hard to minimize schedule conflicts for those who are the registered Head Coach of two or more MSI Recreation or Classic teams. The Head Coach schedule request also provides coaches an opportunity to request scheduling consideration for possible problem dates for their teams (for example, where a majority of the team has a special event that will prevent their participation in a game on a specific date).  Due to the very large number of requests we receive, we regret that we cannot honor requests from Assistant Coaches.

Requests received after the schedule request deadline or during the season cannot be accepted. Teams may not request a “bye” on both days of the same weekend.  All teams should be prepared to play on all game dates, as the number of opportunities to grant bye requests are extremely limited.  If your team can’t play at its scheduled time, please contact MSI to review your options.  All teams should be prepared with an Assistant Coach or other team official in the event that MSI is unable to avoid a conflict for the Head Coach of two teams. This will happen! Unfortunately, MSI cannot de-conflict more than three teams for any Head Coach.