Fields of Play

Fields of Play 

Below is a list of fields used by MSI. This list is not exhaustive and fields change frequently. Please contact the office for any field not listed. 
To know what school cluster each school field is in, click the PDF below. Directions to fields are listed at the bottom of this page.

School Clusters

Schools within a high school cluster, and what cluster elementary and middle schools are in, are listed here

Field Addresses

Aberdeen Local Park12230 Triple Crown RoadGaithersburgMD20878Aberdeen Local Park
Argyle MS2400 Bel Pre RoadSilver SpringMD20906Argyle MS
Ashburton ES6314 Lone Oak DriveBethesdaMD20817Ashburton ES
Avenel Local Park10049 Oaklyn DrivePotomacMD20854Avenel Local Park
Ayrlawn Park5652 Oakmount AvenueBethesdaMD20817Ayrlawn Park
Beall ES451 Beall AvenueRockvilleMD20850Beall ES
Bells Mill ES8225 Bells Mill RoadPotomacMD20854Bells Mill ES
Bethesda ES7600 Arlington RoadBethesdaMD20814Bethesda ES
Beverly Farms ES8501 Post Oak RoadPotomacMD20854Beverly Farms ES
Big Pines LP13900 Travilah RoadGaithersburgMD20850Big Pines LP
Blueberry Hill Local Park16671 Bethayres RoadGaithersburgMD20855Blueberry Hill Local Park
Bowie Mill Local Park17311 Bowie Mill RoadDerwoodMD20855Bowie Mill Local Park
Bradley Hills ES8701 Hartsdale AvenueBethesdaMD20817Bradley Hills ES
Brookhaven ES4610 Renn StreetRockvilleMD20853Brookhaven ES
Buck Branch Local Park8704 Bells Mill RoadPotomacMD20854Buck Branch Local Park
Bullis Local Park8501 Houston StreetSilver SpringMD20910Bullis Local Park
Bullis School of Potomac10601 Falls RoadPotomacMD20854Bullis School of Potomac
Cabin John MS10701 Gainsborough RoadPotomacMD20854Cabin John MS
Capitol View/Homewood LP2720 Plyers Mill RdKensingtonMD20902Capitol View/Homewood LP
Carderock ES7401 Persimmon Tree LaneBethesdaMD20817Carderock ES
Carderock Springs ES7401 Persimmon Tree LaneBethesdaMD20817Carderock Springs ES
Carl Sandburg Center451 Meadow Hall DriveRockvilleMD20851Carl Sandburg Center
Cashell ES9201 Cashell RoadOlneyMD20832Cashell ES
Centerway Local Park9551 Centerway RoadGaithersburgMD20879Centerway Local Park
Cherrywood Local Park4100 Cherry Valley DriveOlneyMD20832Cherrywood Local Park
Chevy Chase Local Park3315 Sheperd StreetChevy ChaseMD20815Chevy Chase Local Park
Childrens Resource Center332 W. Edmonston DriveRockvilleMD20852Childrens Resource Center
Clearspring Local Park20101 Scenery DriveGermantownMD20876Clearspring Local Park
Cold Spring ES9201 Falls Chapel WayPotomacMD20854Cold Spring ES
Colesville Local Park610 Hobbs DriveSilver SpringMD20904Colesville Local Park
College Gardens ES1700 Yale PlaceRockvilleMD20850College Gardens ES
Concord Local Park7210 Hidden Creek RoadBethesdaMD20817Concord Local Park
Darnestown Local Park14211 Darnestown RoadDarnestownMD20878Darnestown Local Park
Dewey Local Park11720 Dewey RoadGlenmontMD20906Dewey Local Park
Dufief ES #2 (right side)    Dufief ES #2 (right side)
Dufief LP #1 (smaller)15001 Dufief DriveGaithersburgMD20878Dufief LP #1 (smaller)
E. Brooke Lee Jr. High11800 Monticello AvenueSilver SpringMD20902E. Brooke Lee Jr. High
Eastern Jr. High300 University Blvd.Silver SpringMD20901Eastern Jr. High
Ee Halmos Park16981 Hoskinson RdPoolesvilleMD20837Ee Halmos Park
Elizabeth Scull Center10400 Derrick AvenueKensingtonMD20902Elizabeth Scull Center
English Manor4511 Bestir DriveRockvilleMD20853English Manor
Fairland Local Park3928 Green Castle RoadSilver SpringMD20904Fairland Local Park
Falls Road Local Park12600 Falls RoadPotomacMD20854Falls Road Local Park
Fallsmead ES1800 Greenplace TerraceRockvilleMD20850Fallsmead ES
Farmland ES7000 Old Gate RoadRockvilleMD20852Farmland ES
Fernwood Local Park6801 Greentree RoadBethesdaMD20817Fernwood Local Park
Fields Road ES1 School DriveGaithersburgMD20878Fields Road ES
Flower Hill Local Park8308 Mountain Laurel LaneGaithersburgMD20879Flower Hill Local Park
Forest Knolls ES10830 Eastwood AvenueSilver SpringMD20901Forest Knolls ES
Forest Oak MS651 Saybrooke Oaks Blvd.GaithersburgMD20877Forest Oak MS
Fountain Hills Local Park18801 Liberty Mill RoadGermantownMD20874Fountain Hills Local Park
Fox Chapel ES19315 Archdale RoadGermantownMD20876Fox Chapel ES
Fox Chapel Local Park19129 Staylebridge RoadGermantownMD20876Fox Chapel Local Park
Frost MS9201 Scott DriveRockvilleMD20850Frost MS
Garrett Park4812 Oxford StreetKensingtonMD20895Garrett Park
Georgian Forest ES3100 Regina DriveSilver SpringMD20874Georgian Forest ES
Germantown ES19110 Germantown RoadGermantownMD20902Germantown ES
Glen Haven ES10900 Inwood AvenueSilver SpringMD20902Glen Haven ES
Glenallen ES12520 Heurich RoadSilver SpringMD20902Glenallen ES
Glenfield Local Park12930 Layhill RoadSilver SpringMD20902Glenfield Local Park
Grace Episcopal School9411 Connecticut AvenueKensingtonMD20895Grace Episcopal School
Grafton/Montrose School12301 Academy WayRockvilleMD20852Grafton/Montrose School
Grosvenor Center5701 Grosvenor LaneBethesdaMD20814Grosvenor Center
Gunners Branch Local Park18509 Cinnamon DriveGermantownMD20874Gunners Branch Local Park
Gunners Lake Local Park12671 Grey Eagle CourtGermantownMD20874Gunners Lake Local Park
Heritage Farm Park9599 Hall RoadPotomacMD20854Heritage Farm Park
Homewood Local Park2830 Plyers Mill RoadSilver SpringMD20902Homewood Local Park
Herbert Hoover Middle School8810 Post Oak RoadPotomacMD20854Herbert Hoover Middle School
Hunters Wood Local Park9616 Ridge Heights DriveGaithersburgMD20879Hunters Wood Local Park
Ivymount School11614 Seven Locks RoadRockvilleMD20854Ivymount School
Jackson Road ES900 Jackson RoadSilver SpringMD20904Jackson Road ES
JDS/Randolph11710 Hunters LaneRockvilleMD20852JDS/Randolph
Jones Lane ES15110 Jones LaneDarnestownMD20878Jones Lane ES
Julius West MS651 Great Falls RoadRockvilleMD20850Julius West MS
Ken-Gar Palisades Rec Center4140 Wexford DriveKensingtonMD20895Ken-Gar Palisades Rec Center
Kensington Cabin Local Park10000 Kensington ParkwayKensingtonMD20895Kensington Cabin Local Park
Kensington ES10400 Detrick AvenueKensingtonMD20895Kensington ES
Kensington Parkwood ES4710 Saul RoadKensingtonMD20895Kensington Parkwood ES
Kings Local Park23837 Clarksburg RoadClarksburgMD20871Kings Local Park
Kingsview MS18909 Kingsview RoadGermantownMD20874Kingsview MS
Lakewood ES2534 Lindley TerraceRockvilleMD20850Lakewood ES
Layhill Local Park14901 Layhill RoadWheatonMD20902Layhill Local Park
Layhill Village Local Park1920 Queensguard RoadWheatonMD20906Layhill Village Local Park
Laytonsville ES21401 Laytonsville RoadLaytonsvilleMD20882Laytonsville ES
Laytonsville Local Park7620 Brink RoadLaytonsvilleMD20882Laytonsville Local Park
Leaman Local Park14021 Eternity RoadGermantownMD20874Leaman Local Park
Little Falls Parkway LPFairfax RoadBethesdaMD20815Little Falls Parkway LP
LM Stevens Local Park17399 Seneca Chase Park RoadPoolesvilleMD20837LM Stevens Local Park
Long Branch Local Park509 E. University BlvdSilver SpringMD20901Long Branch Local Park
Luxmanor Local Park6201 Tilden LaneRockvilleMD20852Luxmanor Local Park
Lynnbrook Local Park8008 Newdale RoadBethesdaMD20814Lynnbrook Local Park
Mark Twain School14501 Avery RoadRockvilleMD20853Mark Twain School
Maryland Soccerplex14501 Schaeffer RoadGermantownMD20841Maryland Soccerplex
Maryvale ES1000 First StreetRockvilleMD20850Maryvale ES
Meadow Hall ES951 Twinbrook ParkwayRockvilleMD20851Meadow Hall ES
Meadowbrook Local Park7901 Meadowbrook LaneChevy ChaseMD20815Meadowbrook Local Park
Merrimac Local Park6415 Winston DriveBethesdaMD20817Merrimac Local Park
Monocracy ES18801 Barnesville RoadDickersonMD20842Monocracy ES
Montgomery Knolls ES807 Dalesview DriveSilver SpringMD20901Montgomery Knolls ES
Montgomery Village Foundation10120 Appleridge RoadGaithersburgMD20886Montgomery Village Foundation
Montrose/Grafton LP12301 Academy WayRockvilleMD Montrose/Grafton LP
Moyer Road Local Park9999 Moyer RoadDamascusMD20872Moyer Road Local Park
New Blair HS51 University Blvd. EastSilver SpringMD20901New Blair HS
North Bethesda MS8935 Bradmoor DriveBethesdaMD20817North Bethesda MS
North Chevy Chase ES3700 Jones Bridge RoadChevy ChaseMD20815North Chevy Chase ES
North Chevy Chase Local Park4105 Jones Bridge RoadChevy ChaseMD20815North Chevy Chase Local Park
North Four Corners Local Park211 Southwood AvenueSilver SpringMD20901North Four Corners Local Park
North Lake Center15101 Bauer DriveRockvilleMD20853North Lake Center
Northwest Branch RP1450 Norbeck RdAspen HillMD20902Northwest Branch RP
Norwood Local Park4700 Norwood DriveBethesdaMD20815Norwood Local Park
Norwood School8821 River RoadBethesdaMD20817Norwood School
Ovid Hazen Wells Local Park12001 Skylark RoadClarksburgMD20871Ovid Hazen Wells Local Park
Parkland MS4610 W. Frankfort DriveRockvilleMD20853Parkland MS
Parklawn Local Park13000 Veirs Mill RoadWheatonMD20852Parklawn Local Park
Peary HS13300 Arctic AvenueRockvilleMD20853Peary HS
Phoenix II7401 Hadley Farms DriveGaithersburgMD20879Phoenix II
Pleasant View Local Park11321 Norris DriveWheatonMD20902Pleasant View Local Park
Poolesville ES19565 Fisher AvenuePoolesvilleMD20837Poolesville ES
Potomac ES10311 River RoadPotomacMD20854Potomac ES
Pyle MS6311 Wilson LaneBethesdaMD20817Pyle MS
Rachel Carson ES100 Tschiffely Square RoadGaithersburgMD20878Rachel Carson ES
Radnor Center7000 Radnor RoadBethesdaMD20817Radnor Center
Randolph Hills Local Park11805 Ashley DriveRockvilleMD20852Randolph Hills Local Park
Randolph/JDS11710 Hunters LaneRockvilleMD20852Randolph/JDS
Rays Meadow Local Park8402 Freyman DriveChevy ChaseMD20815Rays Meadow Local Park
Redland Local Park17210 Redland RoadRockvilleMD20855Redland Local Park
Redland MS6505 Muncaster Mill RoadRockvilleMD20855Redland MS
Ridgeview MS12100 Cheyenne RoadGaithersburgMD20878Ridgeview MS
Ritchie Park ES1514 Dunster LaneRockvilleMD20854Ritchie Park ES
Roberto Clemente MS18808 Waring Station RoadGermantownMD20874Roberto Clemente MS
Rock Creek Forest ES8330 Grubb RoadChevy ChaseMD20815Rock Creek Forest ES
Rock Creek Hills Local Park3701 Saul RoadKensingtonMD20895Rock Creek Hills Local Park
Rock Terrace School390 Martins LaneRockvilleMD20850Rock Terrace HS
Rocking Horse Center4910 Macon RoadRockvilleMD20852Rocking Horse Center
Rockview ES3901 Denfield RoadKensingtonMD20895Rockview ES
Rosemary Hills Local Park2450 Lyttonsville RoadChevy ChaseMD20910Rosemary Hills Local Park
Saddlebrook Local Park12751 Layhill RoadSilver SpringMD20906Saddlebrook Local Park
Sangamore Local Park4802 Sangamore RoadBethesdaMD20851Sangamore Local Park
Seven Locks ES9500 Seven Locks RoadBethesdaMD20817Seven Locks ES
Sligo Creek Local Park9701 Sligo Creek ParkwaySilver SpringMD20901Sligo Creek Local Park
Sligo MS1401 Dennis AvenueSilver SpringMD20902Sligo MS
Somerset ES5811 Warwick PlaceChevy ChaseMD20815Somerset ES
South Germantown Recreational Park14501 Shaeffer RoadGermantownMD20841South Germantown Recreational Park
South Gunners Branch Local Park12958 Prairie Knoll Ct.GermantownMD20874South Gunners Branch Local Park
Stedwick ES10631 Stedwick RoadGaithersburgMD20886Stedwick ES
Stonegate Local Park14920 Notley RoadSilver SpringMD20905Stonegate Local Park
Stonemill ES14323 Stonebridge View DriveGaithersburgMD20878Stonemill ES
Strathmore Local Park3210 Beaverwood LaneAspen HillMD20906Strathmore Local Park
Stratton Local Park9925 Harrogate RoadBethesdaMD20817Stratton Local Park
Strawberry Knoll Local Park18820 Strawberry Knoll RoadGaithersburgMD20879Strawberry Knoll Local Park
Thurgood Marshall ES12260 McDonald Chapel DriveGaithersburgMD20878Thurgood Marshall ES
Tilden Center6300 Tilden LaneRockvilleMD20852Tilden Center
Tilden MS11211 Old Georgetown RoadRockvilleMD20852Tilden MS
Tilden Woods Local Park6800 Tilden LaneRockvilleMD20852Tilden Woods Local Park
Timberlawn Local Park10800 Gloxinia DriveNorth BethesdaMD20852Timberlawn Local Park
Travilah ES13801 Dufief Mill RoadGaithersburgMD20878Travilah ES
Twinbrook ES5911 Ridgeway AvenueRockvilleMD20851Twinbrook ES
Viers Mill Local Park4425 Garrett Park RoadKensingtonMD20906Viers Mill Local Park
Waring Station Local Park12215 Stoney Bottom RoadGermantownMD20874Waring Station Local Park
Waters Landing13701 Waters Landing DriveGermantownMD20874Waters Landing
Watkins Mill ES19001 Watkins Mill RoadGaithersburgMD20886Watkins Mill ES
Wayside ES10011 Glen RoadRockvilleMD20854Wayside ES
Westland Middle School5501 Massachusetts AvenueBethesdaMD20816Westland Middle School
Westmoreland Hills Local Park5315 Elliot DriveBethesdaMD20816Westmoreland Hills Local Park
Westover ES401 Hawkesbury LaneSilver SpringMD20904Westover ES
White Oak MS12201 New Hampshire AvenueSilver SpringMD20904White Oak MS
Winding Creek Local Park12400 Dewey RoadWheatonMD20906Winding Creek Local Park
Woodacres Local Park5850 Wynnwood RoadBethesdaMD20816Woodacres Local Park
Woods Academy6801 Greentree RoadBethesdaMD20817Woods Academy


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