Kindergarten Kickstart League

Saturdays9:00 A.M.–1:00 PMCABIN JOHN MSRegister Here!
Sundays1:00 P.M.–4:00 PMSTEPHEN KNOLLS ESRegister Here!


The MSI Kindergarten Kickstart Soccer League is dedicated to providing both players and parents with a weekend event that they eagerly anticipate. We want to make sure that each child develops as a player and a person, learning individual and team skills through a carefully curated curriculum. Our coaches, who specialize in kindergarten, are in charge of the skill-development activities. Meanwhile, parents can enjoy a supportive and inclusive community atmosphere where they can bond with other families, cheer on their little ones, and create cherished memories together, making every weekend match an event to remember.

  • Registration Process
    • Parents often hear about our program from other parents who love it. When they visit our website, they can easily find the kindergarten registration area on the landing page. The registration process is presented in clear, simple, and attractive language that makes parents feel comfortable and provides clear guidance for the next steps.
    • For parents who indicate their interest in becoming a kindergarten volunteer coach, our pre-academy staff will reach out to them and explain the role, as well as provide clear dates for coach training. The coach training consists of classroom sessions where the pre-academy director explains the program’s goals, basic coaching methods, and the responsibilities of the volunteer coach, and addresses any questions. After the training, the volunteer coaches leave feeling excited about the upcoming season.
    • If you would like your player to be grouped with their friends/family members, you can let us know during the registration process.
    • Any family referred to the program will receive a $20 credit towards future programming. Additionally, each family within the program that is listed as a referral during the registration of a new player will receive a $20 credit per referral. (THIS ELLIGIBLE UNTIL APRIL 1ST, 2024)
  • First Day Arrival
    • In the parking lot on the first day of the season, MSI staff members are welcoming families. They are directed to the check-in area, where they receive clear information about their assigned volunteer coach, field location, and jersey pickup. The help desk offers complimentary coffee and bagels for parents to enjoy.
    • Each volunteer coach is provided with a box containing their team’s jerseys. The MSI staff assists in distributing the jerseys to the children and guiding them to the correct field.
  • On-the-field experience
    • The volunteer coach brings the players to their “home field,” where they start each week. The MSI staff introduces them to their field coach and assistant coach before the game’s warm-up. The kids spend 20 minutes playing exciting games where they get plenty of touches on the ball, shoot on goal, and learn to keep the ball away from opponents and hunt for it when opponents have it. After the warm-up games, the kids are divided into 4 small squads of 2 or 3 players and placed on 4 small soccer pitches where they play against squads from other teams. A volunteer coach assists an MSI staff coach in managing each game. The coaches constantly roll soccer balls onto the field. The “Big Soccer” games, which have two field players and one goalkeeper, ensure that all players are actively involved in the game. Coaches make sure each player gets lots of touches, makes their own decisions, and scores goals, so that they leave feeling like they had an awesome time.
    • Families have intentionally been placed together to ensure that kids get to play with their friends and parents can watch the kids while enjoying the company of family friends.

All Kindergartners should wear proper soccer attire, which includes shin guards and cleats (or regular tennis shoes). Each player should bring a size 3 soccer ball, a water bottle, and a great big smile on their face!  Players will receive a jersey upon arrival for the first session, and they will wear that jersey for the Spring season.

It is important to note that your child will have a 1-hour commitment on the day they’re registered to participate. 

The development philosophy is a play-based approach where children engage in age-appropriate games and activities to learn basic techniques and principles of play all led by MSI Staff coaches.

To withdraw from the MSI Kindergarten program, please send an email to with “Withdrawal” in the subject line. Include in the email the following information:

  • Name of the child being withdrawn
  • The age group of the child being withdrawn
  • Reasons for withdrawal

Refund requests received two weeks prior to the start of the program will be assessed a $35 administrative fee. After two weeks prior to the start of the program, there will be no refunds.

If you have questions regarding the Kindergarten Program, please email