MSI is excited to offer a new registration system starting for the 2023 Fall season, which will simplify the user experience, offering you an easy to use mobile interface and an app with real-time updates to your schedules!

This does mean that any profiles in our current registration system will go away, and you will therefore need to create a new family profile. Once you have done this, you can use it to easily register for all MSI leagues, tournaments, clinics and more!

To register in SportsConnect for:

  • Summer 2023 Summer Camps

To create an account (1 per family) and register in League Apps for:

  • Fall 2023 Recreation Soccer, players and coaches
  • June 2023 Player Evaluations and Supplementary Travel Tryouts
  • 23 Classic Skills Evaluations
  • Fall 2023 Classic Teams
  • King’s League
  • Fall 2023 School Recess Program
  • Fall 2023 After-School Program
  • Fall 2023 Mini Knights

If you need help/have questions about using LeagueApps, please email Support@leagueapps.com.