MSI/MLS GO After School Program

Are you prepared to start an unforgettable soccer journey? Through our collaboration with Montgomery County Public Schools and MLS, MSI Soccer Inc. is on a mission to provide accessible soccer education to young learners in a structured after-school setting.

MSI is pleased to offer the MSI/MLS GO After School Program, a special chance for young athletes to develop their abilities and personally experience the thrill of professional soccer. Our extensive program combines excellent instruction, exhilarating game experiences, and special benefits, all wrapped in the recognizable MLS GO and MSI branding.

We also want to highlight SCHOLARSHIPS for families participating in the MCPS Free and Reduced Meals programPlease reach out to MSI for more information if you are interested in applying for a scholarship. But that’s not all; we understand that becoming a true soccer pro requires more than just skills on the field. Let’s talk about MSI/MLS GO School Program perks!

Every participant will receive an official MSI/MLS GO-branded uniform. This isn’t just any uniform; it’s a badge of honor that signifies your membership in a league of extraordinary soccer enthusiasts. Put it on, and you’ll feel like a true champion ready to conquer the field.

As a part of this program, each young athlete will receive a free ticket to a DC United game, where you’ll witness your soccer heroes in action. The stadium’s excitement, the crowd’s cheers, and the energy on the field will inspire and motivate you like never before. 

We invite Montgomery County families to contemplate the inclusion of their schools in the MSI/MLS GO School Program. By joining forces, we can empower your students with valuable life skills through the medium of soccer, fostering growth and camaraderie that extends beyond the field.

Please email and to bring MSI Soccer to your school.

In partnership with Montgomery County Public Schools and MLS, our primary goal is to offer a comprehensive program that extends learning and growth opportunities beyond the classroom.

The program’s core is a dynamic blend of practice, instructional, and game components.

  1. Foster Skill Development: Our experienced coaches utilize soccer’s principles to teach children the importance of roles and responsibilities within a team, translating these lessons into valuable life skills.
  2. Provide a Secure Environment: The MLS GO-MSI School Program ensures your child’s well-being until the end of the session., providing parents with peace of mind knowing their children are cared for in a safe and supervised setting.
  3. Enhance Technical Proficiency: Our coaches seize the after-school hours to enhance your child’s technical proficiency with the ball, helping them refine their soccer skills and build confidence.
  4. Encourage Active Participation: We believe in the power of physical activity for holistic development. Our program encourages kids to engage actively, promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Young athletes will participate in weekly sessions. These workouts are intended to impart crucial abilities, promote teamwork, and build a strong passion for the sport.