Coming in Summer ’23: The Kings League


Coming to MSI for the summer of 2023, our inaugural summer Kings League! Join us for a new, refreshing take on soccer this summer and keep your player engaged and fit and give them the joy of soccer with a twist.

The MSI Kings League is a small-sided league that is held during the summer.  The league features rules that differ from traditional soccer regulations with the aim of adding an element of dynamism and entertainment to the games, such as a tie-breaker penalty shootout, the allowance of handballs for throw-ins, and the implementation of secret weapons.

The game starts with the ball in the center of the field and players starting from the back line, games are divided into two 20-minute halves, and there is the inclusion of special “secret weapons” that each team can use once per game. These secret weapons include a penalty kick in their favor, a mid-game penalty shootout, the use of an “MSI Hero” guest player for 2 minutes, goals worth double for 2 minutes, and the ability to steal an opposing team’s secret weapon card. New secret weapon cards will be added throughout the summer!  Secret weapon cards are shuffled before the match and each team gets 5 cards to use during the game. Registration opens May 15th! Don’t miss out.

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