How to Support Through Struggles and Setbacks (SPA)


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How to Support Through Struggles and Setbacks

In a recent Breakaway clip, hosts Skye and Todd Beane delved into the vital aspects of guiding young athletes through challenges.

The conversation focused on the transformative journey from baseline to extraordinary and the pivotal role of autonomy in building resilience. Todd Beane stressed that improvement is not a smooth ascent but a journey filled with highs and lows.

He emphasized the need to acknowledge and confront emotions like frustration and self-critique as integral to the learning process. Rejecting the notion of a perfect life and embracing difficulties as crucial to their path of improvement.

At TOVO Institute, the journey is meticulously documented through daily journaling. Beane believes these journals serve as a memoir, capturing good and challenging days. By recognizing the shared nature of these experiences, athletes can support each other and understand when to lift each other up on the journey.

Highlighting the importance of letting children be the masters of their environment, allowing them to choose their paths. This autonomy, he argued, builds confidence, skill, intelligence, character, and lasting relationships.

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