Supporting Athletes in Developing Motivation, Resilience and Optimism (SPA)


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Supporting Athletes in Developing Motivation, Resilience and Optimism

Gratitude is what unites us. Gratitude matters. It makes us better. Our mission at Soccer Parenting is to make youth sports better, and gratitude does that. So it’s really just the foundation of our essential work. 

In this week’s webinar, we discuss how to support athletes in developing motivation, resilience, and optimism.

What to expect in this week’s webinar:

  • Keys to developing motivation and a person’s drive to perform and improve.
  • How parents and coaches can support players when it comes to overcoming challenges, setbacks, and adversity.
  • The importance of optimism and how our words and responses to athletes can help facilitate an optimistic outlook.
  • And much more!

It’s just a journey for us to learn, grow, develop, and try to support our children as they’re going through this as well. Because parenting is hard enough. Parenting an athlete layers in some challenges. 

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