It is time to request Fall 2023 Practice permits and to submit Head Coach Scheduling Requests. We are collecting data in a better way this season to give the assignor more information and more choices to help everyone get a permit that works for their team.

Fall 2023 Practice Permits are posted!

Please click on the list below to search by MSI recreational head coach name or by MSI Classic team name. Additional field permits have been added to the dropdown menus. These appear at the bottom of the list (i.e. not in alphabetical order).

If you have already selected fields but prefer one of the newer fields, you may log back into your account to update your responses.

Fall 2023 Practice Permits updated 8/8/23 pm

Practice Field Permits

You can now request field permits for the fall season. You may need to select yourself as a player to get to the questionnaire. As a Classic team, you may request two practices per week. Please complete the following links by the end of the day Thursday, August 10. You will be notified of your practice fields by Wednesday, August 16. Most fields will be available to practice starting the week of August 28. Each permit costs $33.

1st Practice Permit Request

2nd Practice Permit Request

Practice permit requests are due by Thursday, August 10 

Recreational Permit 1 is for each coach to request 1 per team for free. Recreational Permit 2 is for coaches that want to practice more than once a week. Please note, there is a fee for the second permit.

If you have a second team you can now use the second permit request link to submit your team’s practice field request.

Scheduling Requests

If you have any scheduling requests for the Fall season, or if you coach multiple teams that you need us to deconflict schedules, please complete this form: MSI Fall Season Scheduling Requests

Requests for a ‘bye’ weekend are doubtful, especially if your division has an even number of teams. Please think about whether you can play early on Saturday or late on Sunday to accommodate one game a weekend. Games will be on Saturdays and Sundays, mornings and afternoons. We cannot adjust the schedule for your team to avoid a certain day every week, nor a certain time of day every weekend. Please know that we do our best to both deconflict and honor requests. There are a limited number of weekends, a limited number of fields, and a lot of requests!

Instructions for Submission

Step One (all teams): Click on the list of available permits to see what you may want to choose for your practice permit.

Step Two: Rec Teams: Click on the link for Recreational First Permit to request your one free permit (First Rec Permit Request). Indicate what days and times would be your best times for you (your first choices), as well as days and times that are good (you could practice), and times you are not available.

Click on the link for Recreational Second Permit if you would like to submit an optional request for a second permit. Second permits are $33 for all teams. Second permits for recreational teams are not guaranteed. You will be refunded if you do not receive a second permit.

Classic Teams: Click on the link to request your first permit (First Classic Permit Request). Indicate what days and times would be the best times for you (your first choices), as well as days and times that are good (you could practice), and times you are not available.

After you complete that request, Click on the link to request your second permit (Second Classic Permit Request). All Classic Practice Permits are $33.

Step Three: Click on the correct link for Rec or Classic Head Coach Scheduling request.

(Updated 8/8/23)


If you would like to check the status of your practice fields please use the link below which covers most of the county park and school fields. Please follow the instructions for Option 1 or Option 2 carefully depending on whether you are searching online or would like to use the app on your phone. Montgomery County Rainout Line

The site is updated constantly throughout the day. Please note that you will be leaving the MSI website by clicking on the link below and MSI is not responsible for the content or its accuracy.

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