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MSI Between the Sticks (GK) Program

At MSI Soccer, we are committed to nurturing and developing exceptional goalkeepers through our MSI Between the Sticks (GK) Program. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive and specialized training regimen that empowers goalkeepers to excel on the field while fostering a deep passion for the game.

MSI Goalkeeper Training Program

Our Goalkeeping Training Program is a great choice for developing goalkeepers of all ages and levels who are looking to further develop their skills as players. We focus on every aspect of the position. Each segment of our sessions will be broken down into specific units that serve to challenge the abilities of each participating goalkeeper.

Whether you’re still contemplating whether playing in goal is the right position for you or you’re a seasoned goalkeeper who’s playing at a competitive level, we offer training that is structured to help advance your skills.

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Our Program Focuses on the Following Key Areas:

Elevate your goalkeeper skills with a comprehensive curriculum designed to develop exceptional athletes both on and off the pitch.

  • Fundamental Skills: Master essential techniques including posture, foot placement, and controlled movement to ensure a strong foundation for success.
  • Effective Communication: Learn to use verbal commands and terminology effectively, fostering leadership and teamwork within the team.
  • Diving Techniques: Perfect your collapse dives and extension dives, building reflexes and agility crucial for dynamic shot-stopping.
  • Grip Mastery: Gain proficiency in various grips such as W-Grip, Diamond-Grip, and more, enhancing your ball-handling capabilities.
  • Hand-Eye Coordination: Sharpen your reflexes and hand-eye coordination to react swiftly to fast-paced shots and improve ball control.
  • Distribution Expertise: Develop precise ball distribution skills and launch the ball with accuracy and air durability to initiate attacks from the back.
  • Game Insight: Stay updated on new soccer rules and their impact on goalkeepers, ensuring you’re always ahead of the game.

At MSI Soccer, we prioritize holistic development, fostering a passion for the game, and instilling values that go beyond the field. Join us to embark on a goalkeeper journey that combines excellence, resilience, and a deep connection to the sport.

Proper warm-ups and hydration breaks are a top priority for us!

Additional questions and needs from the players will also be addressed. For more information and to join, please click HERE.

Nicolas Lancaster

Director of Goalkeeping

About Coach Nicolas

“Always Be A Student of The Game”

Nicolas is a certified United Soccer Coaches Goalkeeper Instructor and US Soccer Coaches Grassroot Instructor.

Nicolas’ passion for soccer has accompanied him throughout his life, starting with his early days as a player for MSI Classic when he was young. This early exposure to the game ignited his passion and set him on a path to greatness.

During his high school years at Springbrook High School, he continued to fuel his soccer ambitions by joining Montgomery Rush travel team. It was during this time that Nicolas’ skills as a goalkeeper truly began to flourish, laying the foundation for a remarkable career in the sport.

Nicolas’ soccer journey continued to develop as he made the switch to collegiate competition, playing goalkeeper for Seton Hill University in Greensburg, PA, for four years. During his master’s program at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP), he began working as an assistant coach for the IUP Women’s Soccer team after finishing his collegiate playing career.

Throughout his playing and coaching career, he has had the privilege of working with individuals from all corners of the globe, gaining valuable insights and perspectives that have enriched his coaching philosophy. With an undergraduate degree in Communications and a Master’s degree in Sports Management, Nicolas possesses a unique blend of skills that allow him to communicate effectively and manage the complexity of the sports world.

Nicolas’ ultimate goal is to inspire and nurture the next generation of goalkeepers. His passion lies in coaching youth players, guiding them to reach their personal and athletic goals, just as he once did.

“You’ve got to trust in your own ability, back yourself, and the main thing is to work really, really hard and fight to improve.”

– David de Gea (Manchester United)

Goalkeeper Camps and Clinics

Are you ready to elevate your goalkeeper’s abilities to the next level? Look no further than the MSI Between the Sticks (GK) Program—the ultimate training experience designed to hone your goalkeeper’s skills to perfection! MSI Soccer invites all Montgomery County families to join us in this exciting and comprehensive MSI Goalkeeping Camps and Clinics program!

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Goalkeeper Private Lessons

Are you a goalkeeper looking to elevate your skills and excel on the field? But do you want a more personalized and small-group training experience? Welcome to the MSI Goalkeeping Private Lessons Program, where we offer tailor-made private lessons for goalkeepers of all ages and skill levels.

Our program is designed to provide comprehensive training that covers every facet of the goalkeeper position, ensuring that you develop into a confident and skilled player. In small groups that cater to each player.

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