Mini Knights (pre-k, ages 4-5)


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Kick-start your little ones soccer journey with this exciting and engaging program made just for them!!


Mini-Knight’s Focus:

At MSI, our focus for our Mini-Knights is about participation and enjoying the game, all while improving social skills, refining coordination, and learning the concepts of soccer. These skills are achieved through creative drills that capture your child’s attention and short games/scrimmages that are played that inadvertently teach them the skills they will need to play and enjoy soccer.

Foundations of Success:

Mini-Knights is a fun and unique program for children ages 4 -5 years that will build the foundations of success within the sport, but also for the rest of their life.

Just to name a few, our Mini-Knights will be working towards mastery of:

  • Gross motor skills
    • Balance
    • Agility
    • Eye to Hand / Eye to Foot Coordination
  • Cognitive Development
    • Numbers
    • Colors
    • Shapes
  • Physical Development
    • Speed & Acceleration
    • Strength
    • Change in Direction
  • Self Esteem
    • Building confidence through achievements
    • Giving age appropriate task
    • Constant reinforcement
  • Communication & Listening skills
    • Sharing
    • Teamwork/Working with others
    • Fundamental Team Dynamics


Some soccer fundamentals that will be taught are:

  • Kicking a soccer ball
    • Passing
    • Shooting
    • Using different surface of foot
  • Dribbling
    • Ball control
    • Keeping the ball close to you
    • With speed in open space
  • Basic rules of the game
    • Cannot pick the ball up with your hands
    • Out of bounds
    • The direction you are defending/ attacking
  • Fitness
    • Fun activities that promote movement
    • Jumping
    • Fun parachute runs
  • Sportsmanship
    • Being kind and compassionate to others
    • Always congratulating all players and officials
    • Thanking parents for activities


Mini-Knight’s Program Highlights:

  • Fun and Interactive Sessions:

The fundamental belief we hold at MSI when teaching young kids how to play soccer is to have fun! Our experienced coaches help foster a caring and enjoyable environment where your child can develop their skills through playful and engaging games.

  • Age-Appropriate Curriculum:

Each age group has a unique and different way of teaching specific concepts, and we understand that. We specifically design our curriculum to focus on coordination, balance (stationary, running, and when kicking the ball), and basic soccer skills.

  • Multidimensional Development:

Soccer helps children develop physically, mentally, and socially. It enhances their motor skills, cognitive abilities, decision-making, and social interaction skills.

  • Safe and Supportive Setting:

When you feel safe, you feel comfortable to try new things. Here at MSI, our coaches check and ensure that your child can grow without feeling scared. They will also place emphasis on a positive reinforcement approach to motivate and encourage your little one to help build self-confidence and self-esteem.

  • Making Friends:

Mini-Knights is the perfect opportunity for your child to interact with others their age and develop social skills at a young age.

  • Long-term Love for Soccer: 

By introducing children to soccer in a positive and enjoyable way, we aim to cultivate a lifelong passion for sports and physical activity.

  • Health and Fitness:

Engaging in physical activity at an early age promotes a healthy lifestyle, increases cardiovascular endurance, and strengthens muscles and bones.


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