Youth Game Leader (YGL)


Calling all Montgomery Country teens! Come work for MSI! More green, less screen! Join MSI’s Youth Game Leader (YGL) Program, where you’ll learn valuable leadership, communication, and decision-making skills.

MSI Youth Game Leader (YGL) Program

Our Youth Game Leaders enthusiastically manage our soccer games for our first and second-grade teams. Their primary goal is to help our li’l kickers have fun while they learn how to play the game! 

Our YGL’s are in 7th grade or older and may earn SSL hours or get paid for their work. They take responsibility for leading two to three-hour-long games on Saturdays. YGL’s do not have to work every Saturday, but working many Saturdays is desirable. Every YGL must attend one training before every season.

We hope that you’ll consider joining our YGL team! You’ll learn valuable leadership, communication, and decision-making skills. Our YGL role makes a perfect “first job.” We can’t think of a better first place of employment than an MSI soccer field!

1st and 2nd-grade game format: Teams play against each other in 4 vs. 4 small-sided games with mini-goals. 

Requirements and SchedulingNEW THIS FALL!  

Every YGL must submit an application, pass a short written test, and attend one training before every season. Once our YGL’s pass the requirements, they are ready to work!  We’ll load our 1st/2nd-grade games into our SignUpGenius and our YGL’s get to choose which games work best for their schedules, pending availability. We’ll use SignUpGenius for the application, written test, trainings, and games.  See the link below.

Fall season game dates: Our 1st/2nd grade Opening Day will be on Saturday, Sept. 9th.  There are 8 games per season.  (No games on Saturday, Sept. 16th)


Questions or comments on our YGL Program? Please contact Karen Roman at

Junior Referee Program (this program is not currently active)

Historically, MSI has conducted a “Junior Referee” program in order to supplement the significant shortage of adult, USSF-certified referees.  As the referee pool has grown, we have progressively reduced the number of games led by MSI Junior Referees, and increased the number of games led by adult, USSF-certified referees. 

At this time, we believe that the pool of adult, USSF-certified referees has grown large enough that we are able to provide these adult referees for all games previously led by MSI Junior Referees.  In future seasons, we encourage all of our former Junior Referees to serve as Youth Game Leaders in our 1st and 2nd Grade programs.

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