Recess with MSI

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The members of the MSI team are all enthusiastic about soccer, and we are committed to ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to participate in the sport in a manner that is both secure and challenging. With the help of the rules of soccer, we can educate each player on their respective roles and responsibilities. We are aware that when children participate in a pickup game, the teams may not be evenly matched from time to time, which may cause a player who is just starting to avoid participating in the game. It is also possible that this may result in some disagreements and disputes throughout the game. Additionally, we are aware that schools could be lacking in personnel, which would make it impossible for them to monitor these activities during the break period.

To solve all of these concerns, the “Recess with MSI” program was developed. When it comes to running a soccer experience for players of all skill levels, we send out coaches who are highly motivated and licensed. On the first day, we will evaluate the players and split them into two groups: one for those with more experience, and another for those who are just starting. More experienced players will compete in five-minute games that are more competitive and reminiscent of the playoffs. Players are motivated to go to the field and begin playing games as soon as possible because of the fast-paced and competitive nature of the game. The beginners’ group will start off with a high-energy game of soccer tag, and then there will be a few more enjoyable activities to help them develop their skills. Finally, as the session draws to a close, they will be divided into teams and given the opportunity to compete in a scrimmage. There is a possibility that players may begin to move into the more competitive group as they continue to improve their abilities and become more comfortable.

We also want to highlight scholarships for families participating in the MCPS Free and Reduced Meals programPlease reach out to MSI for more information if you are interested in applying for a scholarship. But that’s not all; we understand that becoming a true soccer pro requires more than just skills on the field.