Risk Management

Risk Management

The safety of all participants in our practices and games is a paramount concern for MSI. Our team works diligently behind the scenes to ensure your player has a safe and enjoyable experience at MSI Soccer.

Ensuring a Safe Environment for All Participants

The safety of all participants in our practices and games is a paramount concern for MSI. In August of 1994, US Youth Soccer (the national governing body for youth soccer in this country) approved the KidSafe Risk Management Program.

Kidsafe is a risk management program designed to foster safe circumstances for every person, and especially every child, who participates in a US Youth Soccer-affiliated activity. The Program serves to inform all MSI personnel and MSI members of possible risks associated with our youth soccer programs.

MSI supports the intent of the Kidsafe Program. MSI will not knowingly allow any person convicted of a crime of violence, physical abuse, sale of illegal substances, or any other offense that would indicate a pattern of behavior that would have a detrimental effect on children to be placed in a position that would involve direct contact with children.

Background Checks

All MSI coaches, assistant coaches, trainers, staff, board of directors, and other volunteers will undergo a background check to minimize the risk of all players enrolled in MSI Programs.  All information will be kept in absolute confidentiality by MSI and will be updated periodically.

Portable Goals

A small number of Montgomery County soccer fields utilize portable soccer goals. In most instances, these goals are semi-permanently anchored to the ground with anchoring spikes. In a few instances, the goals are locked up and placed toward the side of the field.

In these instances, the portable goals are unlocked and moved onto the field of play each week for games, anchored securely during play, then removed from the field, and securely locked again at the end of the day.

In instances where portable goals are moved onto the field for an MSI game, it is important to note the following requirements:

  1. Only adults may be involved in the movement of goals, and it is recommended that at least six adults be utilized in carrying out the goals.
  2. Sandbags must be properly utilized to secure the goal to the ground. The sandbags should be placed on the ground support bar that runs backward from each goal post and should be placed towards the back of that support bar in order to best prevent tipping. NO GAME MAY BE PLAYED WITHOUT GOALS PROPERLY ANCHORED!
  3. Adults should return the goals to the proper location off the field, and locked together in a “clamshell” fashion whereby the goals are placed “face to face”, and cable locks are securely wrapped around the goalposts at BOTH ENDS of each goal, effectively pinning the goals together.  It is not acceptable to only lock one end of each goal together.

Team Website Risk Management

In conformity with the KidSafe Risk Management Program, MSI works to ensure the safety of all participants in our practices and games. In order to provide safe circumstances for kids in association with MSI team activities, the following regulations regarding the personal information of youth have been established for content on all MSI team websites.

  • The use of last names is forbidden. First names and Last Initials may be used.
  • Player numbers may not be indicated in any way.
  • Photo captions may not include any reference to player names or numbers.
  • Contact information of any kind (e.g., email or home address, phone number, etc.) is forbidden.
  • Any type of personal description associated with a player is forbidden.
  • No outside, non-MSI/MSC-directed programs may be advertised on your team’s website.

Team websites are forbidden to contain any content (text, photos, images, etc.) that would be deemed inappropriate in any way. Team websites are forbidden to contain any links to other websites other than mainstream soccer websites (e.g., FIFA, US Soccer, etc.). Team websites may contain no advertising, whatsoever, other than advertising placed by MSI Administrators.

MSI Team Websites are a privilege, and MSI reserves the right to take down any content deemed inappropriate or to deactivate individual team websites at any time, as deemed necessary at the sole discretion of MSI. MSI will conduct random checks of team websites to monitor compliance with these regulations.

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