Classic Tryout Notices

Classic Tryout Notices for Spring 2024

Looking to join a Classic team? Click below for your respective age group to see which teams are looking for players.

  • This is not an exhaustive list of all Classic teams, just those currently looking for players. The list changes as teams find a need to add players, so check back regularly to see all new teams that have posted.
  • Reach out to all teams that have posted tryout notices, to get a sense of the best fit for you. Ask questions of the teams to find out; practice days, location, style of play, commitment levels, coach philosophy and experience, team structure (all volunteer, paid coach, part of a club) and cost to you for the season or year.
  • Tryout /practice with 2-3 teams so you can evaluate their set ups and coaches, just as as much as those coaches can evaluate your player.

Individuals can register for a Classic team up until the 5th game of the season (approximately mid-May). Any player registered in the Recreation program for the Spring season, must request a transfer to a Classic team by March 1. After March 1, they will not be eligible to register for a Classic team. 

If you are a Classic team looking to post tryout information, send the following information to

  • Age /Gender for Spring 2024
  • Team Name
  • Area of Practice /Geographical Area of Players
  • Dates of Tryout or any Specific Requirements for Your Team
  • Coach or Manager’s Name
  • Coach or Manager’s Email

For new Classic teams, there is a $300 non-refundable deposit for tryout postings which will be credited toward your next season’s registration.

Tryout Notices

As of 2.26.24. Check back frequently for new updates.

Can’t find a team but want to play in the Classic League? Register as a free agent and have your contact information provided to coaches in your age group.
Boys Free Agent Registration
Girls Free Agent Registration

Boys (Birthdate)Girls (Birthdate)
U9 (7.1.14 -12.31.15)U9 (7.1.14 -12.31.15)
U10 (7.1.13 -12.31.14)U10 (7.1.13 -12.31.14)
U11 (7.1.12 -12.31.13)U11 (7.1.12 -12.31.13)
U12 (7.1.11 -12.31.12)U12 (7.1.11 -12.31.12)
U13 (7.1.10 -12.31.11)U13 (7.1.10 -12.31.11)
U14 (7.1.09 -12.31.10)U14 (7.1.09 -12.31.10)
U15 (7.1.08 -12.31.09)U15 (7.1.08 -12.31.09)
U16 (7.1.07 -12.31.08)U16 (7.1.07 -12.31.08)
U17/18/19 (2005-7)U17/18/19 (2005-7)