Coaching Resources

Coaching Resources

Welcome to the MSI Soccer Inc. family! MSI provides soccer coaching courses and coaching resources to help you along your coaching journey.

All head coaches in the Rec League have access to the MOJO Sports app for practice plans! Check out this video with a tutorial on using MOJO.

Click here for the key factors in making your training sessions safe, fun, and developmental!

First-grade Format
Second-grade Format
Third grade through High School coaches: Fall 2023 – 3rd Grade and above Coaches Clinic
Planning a practice – Play Practice Play

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US Soccer Grassroots Introduction – Free Online Course!

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The Concussion, Safe Sport, and Background Checks in GotSport are required by Federal Law and are now a condition of our insurance with MSYSA (MD State Youth Soccer Association). Teams will not be allowed to play in any game until all registered volunteers have completed the training and have valid certificates on file.

  1. Your actual name in the GotSport Account, Safe Sport, and Heads Up training and background check, MUST be your full legal name.  Using a nickname in any of these three areas will only hold up the process (and no one wants that).
  2. You should only have ONE account in GotSport, based on your email address.  Even if you have multiple teams, even if playing for multiple clubs, use that same email address when doing any GotSport actions (GotSport updated/upgraded their system and this is the ONLY way to get the Safe Sport and Heads Up and Background checks ok’d by MSYSA for you to Coach or Manage a team for MSI – if you use a different email address, you will have to redo all of the trainings).
  3.  You must use your same email address for GotSport, Safe Sport, and Heads Up

If you have an adult GotSport Account (please do not set up a second one – if you took the training last year, you have an adult GotSport account!):

  1. Sign into your existing GotSport account.
  2. Go to the dashboard
  3. Click “details” next to the items to activate each of the three mandatory items (Heads Up, Safe Sport, and Background Check)
  4. If you do not have an adult GotSport account, see below.

Use the links below to register, which will then give you access to the online training. Please choose the appropriate link (Coach or Manager) and create an account, registering as a coach or manager (this includes uploading a photo).

In order to complete the registration, you will have to continue through payment (which is ZERO dollars) and then press register. Then go to the dashboard, and click “more information” next to the items to activate each of the three mandatory items (Heads Up, Safe Sport, and Background Check)

For NEW and RETURNING Coaches and Managers:  When you get to the background screening, you will be asked to enter a Voucher Code to pay for the background check (or your credit card number). All registered Coaches and Managers will be sent a Voucher CodeInstructions to complete the background screening

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